Vision & Values

While our core markets in offshore wind and oil & gas share similar offshore environments, there is an inherent difference in the drivers behind them.

The challenges for the developing offshore renewables industry is to make alternative energy sources competitive against conventional means because this drives the need for new technologies and innovation as well as targeted cost reduction in the overall cost of energy. In contrast to this, the mature offshore oil and gas industry prioritises proven technology in quality, reliability and track record.

Vision, Mission and Values


To be the global partner of choice for subsea protection systems in the offshore energy industry by growing our business through our people, track record, heritage and reputation for going beyond excellence.


We aim to grow the business by enhancing our core competencies in the design, engineering and manufacture of subsea protection systems and other complementary products and services, whilst applying practical knowledge in their application and the offshore environment in which they will be installed and live their service life.

We will achieve this by continuing to invest in our people and product innovation to support the necessary cost reductions in the offshore renewables industry to ensure the long-term viability of the sector whilst striving to maximise the quality and reliability of our products through industry standards and best practices to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry.


Safety: Paramount to everything we do for our people, our customers and the environment in which we operate. We always aim higher than industry standards.

People: Are the foundation on which the business operates through their integrity, intelligence, empowerment and ongoing investment in their development.

Excellence: Is engrained in our culture to ensure we deliver dynamic, reliable and responsive solutions that meet the exact needs of our customers every time.

Heritage: Capitalising on years of experience and lessons learned to deliver intelligent solutions that we’re proud of.

Innovation: Apply our technical excellence, experience and vision to engineer products and services that evolve with the marketplace.

Collaboration: Committed to establishing strategic partnerships to create robust and effective solutions that exceed expectations.

Customers: Driving our people to excel and exceed client expectations, reduce cost, improve quality, apply innovation and ensure excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tekmar Energy is committed to ensuring all aspects of our operations have a positive impact on the areas, communities, and individuals with which we have an interaction. We strive to be a good corporate citizen throughout all our activities and to this end we have developed a series of operating principles to outline our policy on our Corporate and Social Responsibility.

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