What is Subsea Cable Protection?

Cable Protection is a collective term used within both the oil & gas and offshore renewable industries as a means for protecting subsea cables and SURF (subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines) products from external mechanical forces whether in dynamic and/or static environments. In its roughest form, the terminology ‘cable protection’ covers many solutions including cable burial, rock dumping, mattressing, split-pipe, buoyancy and bend restrictors. A cable protection system (CPS) such as our product TekLink is the term used for the interface protection of products as they transition from the seabed and into the foundation structure, such as an offshore wind turbine generator or an oil and gas jacket foundation.

Why is Cable Protection necessary?

Having exposed cables within a subsea environment is not good practice based on the rate of cable failures from either environmental conditions or accidental loads. Burying cables is seen as the most effective means of protection for the majority of a subsea cable length, however it is common for these cables to transition out of burial and connect to an offshore asset and/or shore landing. These ‘exposed’ elements require protection, such as Tekmar’s cable protection systems. Subsea cable and SURF products provide a vital connection between assets. If this vital connection is damaged in any way the environmental and financial impact can be unprecedented. Cable Protection is understood to be the most appropriate way of de-risking potential failures mitigating large potential claims.

Why protect Cables & SURF Products?

When Tekmar developed TekLink we focused on the specific application of an offshore wind turbine and developed a total solution that considered all the key stakeholders. The product offers not only a major improvement in the protection performance of the subsea cable for 25-years but also a major cost saving of above 70% delivering a quicker offshore installation and reduced cost of steel works needed on the foundation. This, then combined with the patented mechanical design and priority material knowledge, makes Tekmar the recognised brand for subsea cable protection systems in offshore wind.

Offshore Wind

With the market leading TekLink cable protection system, Tekmar are currently protecting thousands of array and export cables across windfarms worldwide.

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Oil & Gas

Based on a history and heritage working in the offshore oil & gas sector, Tekmar can offer robust and cost effective solutions cable & SURF protection solutions.

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Bespoke Solutions

Tekmar supply bespoke solutions to numerous engineered applications in the offshore energy and communications sector.

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